We understand the arts industry—first and foremost, we’re artists. We’ve spent a lifetime working towards empowering artists with the tools to harness their skills as creative entrepreneurs. Our priority is education, providing all artists and creatives with the tools to help themselves grow and gain traction in the expanding digital world. AIY Studio ("Art Inspires You" Studio) is our art and design studio focused on collaborations and additional opportunities to work with artists and art-related projects.

We're interested in working with other brands and businesses, galleries, studios, museums, art guilds and collectives, venues, exhibitions and events, as well as educational and STEAM-related organizations and initiatives. We're always looking to branch out from the digital world with events and exhibitions, and would love to hear about related opportunities.

We take an equity and inclusion stance to everything we do. While we aim to shine a light on all artists, giving a voice to female and minority artists is one of our priorities. We have big plans for the future of the studio, including a scholarship, shop services and sales, and we're always open to creative partnerships. We're taking the first step to invest in a group that has been investing in our lives for generations. It's time artists harness their power and realize their worth. Get inspired with Art Inspires You.



We provide a digital community and services to help empower artists in the digital world. We hope that our work enables artists to become successful in life beyond the digital and, in doing so, we aim to raise the perceived value and importance of art in our daily lives. Read more about the importance of art for communities, individuals and mental health on our blog, and spread the word.

No one else out there is doing what we do with the experience, research and understanding of creatives; we want to give creatives the tools to help themselves. We offer individualized client attention; experience in the arts and film industries; knowledge of SEO and SEM; and website development. Learn more about our pricing and processes under Services

Art is an essential part of life; it is a reflection of our society paving the way for social and political change. Dadaism is a multimodal “anti-art” arising from political rebellion, questioning the role of the artist and of society as a whole. French New Wave Cinema (Nouvelle Vague) exposed the art of relationships in our daily lives through storytelling that is simultaneously personal and political. The Fluxus movement began with the idea “life is art and art is life” and, now, we live and breathe art in all forms through our interconnected, networked world. Make your art stand out and inspire others with Art Inspires You.