Launched in 2019, Art Inspires You is a multi-platform brand and studio providing a digital community to empower artists with a voice in the digital world and beyond. We hope our work enables artists to become successful in life beyond the digital and, in doing so, we aim to raise the perceived value and importance of art in our daily lives.

In the future, our quarterly magazine will offer artist features, while our curated Instagram gallery displays artist spotlights and sponsored posts. The newsletter informs with announcements, art calls and top monthly posts.

AIY Studio ("Art Inspires You" Studio) is our art and design studio focused on collaborations and additional opportunities to work with artists and art-related projects.

We're interested in working with other brands and businesses, galleries, studios, museums, art guilds and collectives, venues, exhibitions and events, as well as educational and STEAM-related organizations and initiatives. We're always looking to branch out from the digital world with events and exhibitions, and would love to hear about related opportunities.

We take an equity and inclusion stance to everything we do. While we aim to shine a light on all artists, giving a voice to female and minority artists is one of our priorities. We have big plans for the future of the studio, including a scholarship, shop services and sales, and we're always open to creative partnerships.


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Interested in working with Art Inspires You, whether partner, affiliate, advertiser or collaborator? Tell us a little about yourself and why we'd be a great match, and email us at advertise@artinspiresyou.com for requests and proposals. Be sure to include the topic of your interests in the subject line, such as "Interested in Partnership" or "Website Banner Ad," and we'll definitely check it out.

Banner Ads: We offer monthly 728 x 90 leaderboard banner ads in our website footer, and also offer sponsored Instagram posts and takeovers, and sponsored contests.



We're always looking for companies that believe in our mission. We welcome both public and private support, and great sponsorship ideas! Contact us at advertise@artinspiresyou.com with phrase "Sponsorship" in the subject line.

You may also consider making a donation to help sustain Art Inspires You via PayPal.



Interested in stocking and/or distributing the Art Inspires You quarterly magazine? Contact us at advertise@artinspiresyou.com, and include phrase "Stockist and Distribution" in the subject line, and we'll review your proposal to help make our goals a reality!



We'd love to spread the inspiration, and we're up for interviews! Get in touch at advertise@artinspiresyou.com, and include phrase "Press" in the subject line, and we'll make it happen!


Interested in learning more about our services and have a question that goes beyond the FAQ? Get in touch through our client questionnaire and include your inquiries in the appropriate section, and we’ll be sure to address them in our consultation.